Automotive Tooling & Equipment

Over the past 30 years Ark Technologies has served an ever-growing number of customers in a variety of mArkets and industries, each with unique fabrication requirements.
A significant portion of our business is dedicated to the production of specialized fabrications used in automobile manufacturing processes. This includes the production of specialized automation and test systems either designed by Ark Technologies or built to customer drawings and specifications.

Engineering & Industrial

Our growth and success is directly related to our long and solid reputation for high quality assembly, adept sourcing abilities and experience in working with various Japanese and US automotive suppliers and manufacturers.
We serve engineering and general industrial companies for which we produce parts, sub-assemblies, or automation systems. These systems span processing industries, printing industries, and a wide variety of other engineering or industrial applications.

Consumer & Medical Products

Ark has established itself not only as a reliable producer of quality products, but an integral partner to each customers’ operational success.
Ark Technologies produces a variety of components used by customers in the consumer product and medical mArkets. Whether parts or complete systems, Ark can meet the needs of these customers.

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